Connecticut Department of Transportation

  • Route 7 & 33 (Wilton, CT)
  • Route 229 (Bristol, CT)
  • Bee Street (Meriden, CT)
  • Route 7 (New Milford, CT)
  • Route 107 & 53 (Georgetown, CT)

Road Construction & Paving

  • Washington Boulevard, Stamford, CT
  • Atlantic St./Atlantic St. Extension, Stamford, CT (BLT)
  • Railroad Avenue, New Milford, CT (New Milford)
  • Armed Forces Reserves Center, Danbury, CT (Korte-Fusco)
  • Berkshire Shopping Center, Danbury, CT (Hawley)
  • Plumtrees Shopping Center, Danbury, CT (Hawley)

Underground Utilities

  • Middletown/Norwalk 345 kV Transmission, Bridgeport/Fairfield (Bond)
  • Housatonic River Interceptor, New Milford, CT (New Milford)
  • Oak Meadows Water Storage Tank, Brookfield, CT (Aquarion Water Co)
  • Sandy Lane Sewer Extension, Brookfield CT (Town of Brookfield)
  • Route 124 Drainage, New Canaan, CT (ConnDOT)


  • Ridgefield Library, Ridgefield, CT (Dimeo)
  • Prospector Theater, Ridgefield, CT (Yorke Construction)
  • Hewitt Building, Norwalk, CT (Fusco)
  • Danbury Hospital North Tower Addition, Danbury, CT (Gilbane)
  • Danbury Hospital Medical Arts Center, Danbury, CT (Skanska USA)
  • 801/901 Glover Avenue, Norwalk, CT (BLT)


  • South End Elementary, Southington, CT (Newfield)
  • Daniel Hand High, Madison, CT (Dimeo)
  • Westport Schools, Westport, CT (Turner)
    • Bedford Middle
    • Kings Highway
    • Saugatuck
  • WCSU Downtown Campus Parking Garage, Danbury, CT (Morganti)
  • Shelter Rock Elementary, Danbury, CT (Rizzo)

Athletic Fields & Facilities

  • Bedford Middle School, Westport: Soccer, Baseball and Softball Fields
  • Fairfield High School, Fairfield: Running Track and Football Field
  • Danbury High School, Danbury: Running Track, Football & Baseball and Tennis Courts
  • WCSU, Danbury: Softball Field and Tennis Courts